renshinkan karate-do
great britain
The beating heart of traditional karate. 
A traditional karate school for children, teenagers and adults, largely based across the South of England and London.
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Renshinkan Great Britain is led by Chief Instructor Julia Turley (nanadan, 7th degree black belt). Julia Turley Shihan has dedicated her life to teaching traditional karate, which is enshrined by the ancient principles of Budo practice: compassion, courage, honour, humility, loyalty, sincerity and rectitude.  She has delivered 40+ years of teaching excellence after leaving her successful career in local  government, to better champion the confidence and character of children in her community.  Julia Shihan runs classes for children, teenages and adults across the Mid Sussex region of the South of England. She established  the school in 1985.
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Excellence that drives us forward.
Experience that’s second to none.
Care and compassion at the core of our teaching.
Discipline that delivers confidence and strength of character. 
All ages,
all abilities
Our school is open to all ages and abilities. We have courses for young children, teenagers and adults. Discover the transformative power of hard work and good fun in our traditional dojos, as you learn kihon (basics), kata (form), kumite (sparring and self defence), kobudo (black belt weapons practice) and much, much more.
Children, Pee Wees
(5 - 7 years of age)
Children, Juniors
(8 - 12 years of age)
Teenagers & Adults
(13+ years of age)
Where to train
We have classes across the South of England, and London.
Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill & More
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City of London & London Waterloo
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Danehill, Nutley & Cumnor House School
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Midhurst & Wisborough Green
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City Centre
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Town Centre
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Contact us
Headquarters office
47 Eastern Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3NG
(0) 1444 454827
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